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With an ever-growing contact list, it’s hard to keep in touch with the people who mean most to us. Using our lab time, ABC teamed up with outside co-founders to develop Dolphin, a mobile and web app that identifies who you are falling out of touch with and visually communicates the health of your personal and professional relationships.

Through a wicked smart algorithm, Dolphin takes note of your average communication cycles with each person in your network, and notifies you of the most important people to contact each day.

We prototyped the ideal solution first, then designed the user experience, user interface, and brand before moving on to develop the tech. Having the ideal vision in front of us, with amazing UX/UI, gave us a great foundation to build the MVP.

As Dolphin prepares to launch the MVP, it has taken on a CTO and group of advisors who will be working with the ABC team as it moves to early stage funding.

When it came to adopting meditation as a daily practice, many people simply didn’t know how to get started. With co-founders Jenny Blake and Carlo Cisco, we designed the Lucent app as a practical solution for the “meditation-curious,” providing a clean interface that coaches users through every step of their five-minute meditation sessions.

With a tracking tool that monitors users’ emotional states and progression, and social-sharing functionalities, Lucent transformed audiences interested in meditation into communities of daily meditators.