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Float Sixty
Mind &

Offering float tank therapy for mind and body renewal, Float Sixty was looking for a visual brand identity that matched the sublime sensory-deprivation experience it offers. To achieve this, ABC immersed itself in research of full-body sensory experiences, and immediately joined forces with Box Studios to understand the spatial, architectural, and interior retail design vision, which influenced logo concepting.

What resulted is a modern and intuitive design that not only translates across various applications, but also offers a sophisticated abstraction of the Float Sixty experience. Float Sixty launched in Chicago in early 2016 with a cohesive and communicative brand identity.

Bloom Coworking
The Work

Located six miles from the University of Indiana campus, Bloom faced the challenge of attracting student residents without the convenience of proximity to campus. The solution was a brand and design strategy centered on modern sustainability and academics — a living environment that immersed residents in their studies, while satisfying their environmental consciousness.

Established in 2008, Bloom was one of the first to envision the co-working space.

Box Studios co-developed a distinctive co-working design built around an existing 200-year-old oak tree, planting the roots for a brand that students could feel proud of. Bloom’s unique design ranked it among the most sustainable buildings in Bloomington and earned it a feature in Design Bureau.