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In the competitive real estate industry, Tom Blake, the founder of Flexible Company, needed to launch his new venture with an identity that perfectly communicates its strengths. We’re proud to have built a brand around this company’s creativity, resourcefulness, and professionality.

As a real estate investment firm, Flexible Company looks to break out of the stiff industry mold and come in from a new angle: embracing creativity and flexibility to structure win-win deals for all parties involved. These unconventional solutions are the company’s trademark move, and when combined with the power and expertise of its network of subsidiaries, Flexible Company can ensure success at every step of the investment lifecycle.

Project Breakdown


Give It A Wave

The challenge was to create consistent branding and communication for a growing family of companies. The subsidiaries would be distinct, but still identifiable as part of the Flexible Company network. At the same time, the brand would communicate a culture of friendliness and success.

The logo uses clean lines that lend to the detail-oriented nature of the company, while the “x” is used to illustrate the flexible nature of the brand. Type is bold and established, with strong, warm brand colors. The icon creatively combines the company initials to create a silhouette of a building atop the signature Flexible Company “wave.”

Opening the Digital Doors

While many industry websites are overwhelming in written content and uninspiring in design, the Flexible Company website showcases a design savvy that puts the user at the forefront of the experience while still presenting the company as established and authoritative. Interactive features engage the user, inviting them to explore Flexible Company’s extensive network and unique value proposition.

We were careful to carve out a unique identity and digital presence for Flexible Company that breaks free from industry stereotypes but still positions it as established and trustworthy. The resulting brand is friendly and professional, endowing a true appreciation to the company’s simple and open-minded approach.


  • Brand System
  • Communication Strategy
  • Responsive Company Website
  • Templates & Stationery System