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As a speaker, coach and already-bestselling author, Jenny Blake is a master at navigating career pivots and staying agile in a world of constant change. With her book Pivot forthcoming, she enlisted her good friends at ABC to build a brand behind her four-step methodology that would translate across web, social media, print, and in-person engagements. The new Pivot brand would work to complement and inspire future engagement with other Jenny Blake sub-brands including, Momentum, and Life After College.

Project Breakdown


Fusion & Immersion

Close client collaboration was key to creating such a powerhouse brand. After researching her existing brand and work, we held multiple workshops with Jenny Blake to immerse ourselves in the Pivot methodology and her vision. Jenny Blake worked with us every step of the way to create a bold and sophisticated brand identity.

Project Reach
Months On Tour
City Stops

Pivot Before You Leap

First, ABC nailed down the Creative Brand Idea—Map What’s Next—which inspired the brand mood boards and messaging. We grounded this research and exploration in a logo design, and then moved on to other assets: a color palette, strong patterns, and secondary graphics that could live anywhere and pique anyone’s curiosity.

We sought to subtly embody the very idea of a pivot in the brand’s design. At the same time, we focused on creating an identity that reflected Jenny’s spiritual and business smarts—a powerful, classy, crisp design with hints of Eastern religions.

In December 2015, the Pivot brand was born—a brand that would live around and beyond the book, inviting everyone from the aspiring solopreneur to the Fortune 500 executive to embrace pivoting as the new normal.

Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One will be published by Portfolio/Penguin Random House in September 2016.


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