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Real estate is one of the largest investment categories in the world, but not everyone knows how to get started. Breaking into real estate investment can be intimidating, and the biggest barrier to entry is often a lack of resources: money, time, data, opportunities, and connections.

With a passion and a raw idea in mind, our client came to ABC to change the real estate crowdfunding space. Together we developed Real.One, the first smart, social platform with tools for real estate investors—both novice and experienced—to build their networks, collectively vet deals, and make smart and safe investments.

Project Breakdown


The Investment Open House

The challenge: go from a 1-line business idea to full-scale product concept, brand, and pitch in under three weeks.

It was all hands on deck as we jumped into research, and immediately we found our opening. In the current real estate crowdfunding landscape, investors must place immense trust in the due diligence process of deal sponsors. We set out to break away from the necessity of blind trust, and give users even more transparency in the deals they make.

Living, Breathing Social Vetting

In a landscape of complex information and impersonal language, we wanted to keep the brand approachable: established, friendly, and technologically advanced. To limit information overload, the user experience and interface would elevate the social aspects of investing and allow the most important and unbiased information to bubble up and speak to the users.

Beyond giving Real.One’s founder a vastly unique social platform, we also provided him with expansive research on the investment landscape: current trends, competitor analysis, and potential partnerships. With a completely developed pitch deck, Real.One is ready to seek funding.


  • Opportunity Study
  • Product Concept
  • Name
  • Product UI/UX
  • Brand
  • Pitch Deck